Kid's Rock Climbing

Kids ages 8-14 will learn about basic rock climbing skills, climbing etiquette and belaying techniques.

July 11, 2018 - July 13, 2018

Difficulty rating and Skill requirements

No climbing experience required

Moderate physical fitness

  • Category: Rock
  • Type: Instructional
  • Ratio: 5:1,10:2
Kids ages 8-14 will learn about basic rock climbing skills, knot tying, belaying techniques, and climbing etiquette. By the end of the three days they will know as many useful knots as most adults do, will climb several climbs each day, as well as belay other climbers AND have a great time in the outdoors.
Check out our video at:
If weather permits we will climb at Exit 32 (Little Si) or Exit 38 in North Bend. If not, we may head to the desert and climb in Vantage, WA for the day. Pick up and drop off will be at our location in North Bend. Meet there at 9:00am each day and pick up by 3:30 or 4:00pm each day.  
Course Curriculum:
Day one
• This is a harness
• Basic knots
• How to stand up on a rock shoe
• How to belay (sections of rope; 2 kids work together on flat ground and have to get checked off, before they can climb)
• Climbing communication and etiquette; stress the importance of good communication and a buddy check system
• Basic climbing technique; 3 points of contact, good foot technique, small steps (can be done while bouldering)
• Learning how to get lowered
• Had enough? Is it hot? Let’s go swimming.
Day two
• Quick review of day one
• Lets climb
• Edging versus smearing
• Go with the touch contest (the objective is to improve sequencing)
• No hands climbing (the objective is to increase footwork awareness on a low angle climb)
• Learning how to rappel (always a fun activity where kids have to overcome inherent fears)
• More climbing technique; awareness of center of gravity, more precise footwork; stemming, footswitches
• Knot tying school (a very tangible skills that can be shown at home and has applications elsewhere)
• Had enough? Is it hot? Let’s go swimming.
Day three
• Quick review of day two
• Application of all learned climbing techniques
• Knot tying contest (figure of 8 – on a bite, follow through, overhand, munter hitch, clove hitch, double fisherman’s knot)
• Another rappel station
• Ice cream time
Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes for a short hike.
What to bring in a backpack:
Swim trunks and a towel on very hot days 
Warmer layers on cold days 
Please leave room for the shoes and harness that we will be providing 
We will provide transportation from our office to and from the climbing area, as well as harnesses, shoes and technical gear.